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"Nigger" was one of many racial epithets that the William Morris Agency used to reference African Americans.  According to court documents, WMA regularly used terms such as "spooks," "coons" and "monkeys" in email messages uncovered during discovery. The issue, according to Truthout, that in the 114-year history of William Morris, the world's largest talent agency, no black concert promoter has ever been allowed to contract with a white entertainer or artist for a live concert performance. Yet,

promoter for over 30 years could not imagine the fate awaiting him upon hiring famed attorney Willie Gary. He became suspicious when Gary and Denton LLP hid key evidence of William Morris’ racist slander against black entertainers and promoters. Rowe did not take Gary's betrayal lightly.  He hit Gary and Denton LLP each with $500 MILLION DOLLARS IN LIENS, $100 million against each attorney personally involved in his case. That’s when Gary got crafty.  Nearly 20 US Marshals and police officers stormed Rowe’s Atlanta gated

LEONARD ROWE, a concert 

After being release from jail, Rowe continues to pursue justice for himself and others. His situation is indicative of the corrupt individuals that operate without inpunity in corporations, the legal system and in politics. All the whille, shareholders, vendors, employees and their families are defrauded of millions.



white concert promoters are able to contract with artists of all races. The Civil Rights Act 42 U.S.C. 1981 plainly states that no person can be denied the right to engage in a contract based on their race."  

community, forcibly entered Rowe’s home and took him by force according to court documents in 1:14-MJ-00347-GGB, Northern District of Georgia. Rowe remained incarcerated for an indefinite period and without ever receiving a bond hearing. The judge's message was clear, removing the liens would be Rowe's only means of getting out of jail.

Roseanne Barr invited Leonard Rowe on her radio show at KCAA to discuss his fourteen year racial discrimination and antitrust case against the "Hollywood" elite,  Kathleen Wells jonied the conversation as the Special Host Guest.

Channel 2 News-Atlanta interviews Leonard Rowe regarding lawsuit against attorney Willie Gary.